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Is it ice? Is it dice? One thing's for sure though, it's not dice made from ice... we now return to bring you the full set… oh and we gave these babies a new name D'ICY MONSTERS!


D'ICY MONSTER is a clever gadget that's great for dexterity checks, killing monsters, and cooling off your favourite single malt, mineral water, or glass of IRN BRU.
D'ICY MONSTER is a pocket piece of volcano cunningly fashioned into a stylish die from pure polished obsidian. 


You see, the choice is yours, but these are dice and dice do what they will… oh except these dice, these icy dice… well, they’re formed from pure obsidian meaning they’re not only safe to add to your favourite tipple, but their cooling properties will also add to the taste.


Choose your adventure! Chill them in the freezer and serve with the drink of your choice...


Ask your self what happens if you serve your guests a tray of drinks with standard dice?


D'ICY MONSTERS begin their life in the heart of a fricking VOLCANO! 


Roll that Natural 20. You score that once in a lifetime critical dagger hit right in the Mad God’seye, freeing the land from tyranny and stealing victory from the jaws of defeat…

gif002 (1).gif

You can choose from the three styles of IceDragon, LichKing and FrostGiant to enhance your game experience the game night.

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