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"Ah, the most formidable of winter's beasts. What better way to honour these fearsome creatures than to immortalise them in 20-sided dice and ice alternatives?"


Is it ice? Is it dice? One thing's for sure though, it's not dice made from ice...


Ice Dice begin their life in the heart of a fricking VOLCANO! Once it's been safely transported back to our master craftsfolk, our artisans get to work using time honoured skills and magic to carve each unique piece of Obsidian into a perfect 20-sided whisky stone.


It is a clever gadget that's great for dexterity checks, killing monsters, and cooling off your favourite single malt, mineral water, or glass of IRN BRU.

Pre-order IceDragon

SKU: Pre-order IceDragon
£50.00 Regular Price
£40.00Sale Price
  • Featured:

    • A stylish twenty-sided die
    • Laser engraved and food safe

    • Three styles, each themed on a creature of the cold

    • Made from pure polished obsidian


    *Please allow October for your products to ship.

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